Sausage portions

Experience the best of Texas BBQ combined with a garlic infused combination of pork and beef.

Beef Brisket

Slow-smoked for at least 12 hours, tender juicy and full of our flavorful Texas bark.


Fall-off-the-bone goodness, sprayed with our special brine. Waiting for you to add your choice of sauce or leave plain for that flavorful smoke taste.

Pulled pork

Deliciously rubbed using Cantons own Mustard Man base and our secret blend of spices. Smoked for minimum of 10 hours.

Bone-in Chicken Qtr

Amazingly juicy leg and thigh, smoked perfection.

Boneless Chicken thigh

This a crowd pleaser for sure. Juicy, smoked and lightly coated with our signature Regular BBQ sauce


Mac & Cheese

The side dish we are known for. Bacon, Gouda, Chedder and more! This Mac will make you come back for more.

Green Beans

Slow cooked, seasoned perfectly with a touch of our signature Pulled pork

Baked Beans

Texas style means a level of peppery goodness. Adding a varity of sweet peppers to this BBQ staple is a must!

Potato Salad

As Grandma says "its the best" Mustard base potato salad

Creamy Cole slaw

Backyard BBQ calls for a creamy slaw. we season ours to make it slightly different than most.

Tossed Salad

We keep this around for the non-meat eaters! A blend of greans, red cabbage, carrot shavings, and cherry tomatoes. Topped with cheese and Italian dressing.

Catering Menu Options/Services

  • 1 meat 2 side combo - starting price of $13.50 per person.

  • 2 meat 2 side combo - starting price of $15.20 per person.

  • 2 meat 3 side combo - starting price of $16.50 per person.

    • upgrade to Ribs or Brisket $2.10 per person additional.

  • Full-Service buffet.

  • Self-serve buffet.

  • Drop and go disposable buffet.

  • Brisket carving station.

  • Cheese and Veggie station. (cocktail hour)